Dr. eun young Song - acmeci
Dr. eun young Song


  Find and enjoy the way of life that suits me in various people.

  Pharmacist   |   Eun-Young Song


    What did you feel when you put the doctor's gown?

    To be honest, it wasn't good.
    I like clothes so much so it was like I felt that my own style has been covered
    by doctor's gown, something like that.
    However, as I became more and more professional,
    I also became to feel proud of myself.
    I had to work hard to be who I am now,
    and I am still trying hard.

    What is the most memorable moment?

    One day a patient with severe burns visited me,
    but I thought he was very sensitive at first.
    I thought he was a difficult patient to deal with.
    But with my own know-how and a gentle way of speaking,
    the customer now became regular customer after a year.
    As it is a job to meet many people, I have such know-how.
    If you work hard on one thing,
    you'll become a master.


    How do you relive your stress?

    I enjoy various hobbies. In the past,
    I wanted to be a movie star
    so I played a minor role and had a lot of experience.
    Nowadays, as I am learning modern dance professionally,
    I am trying various genres,
    and now I am into contemporary dance and jazz dance.
    In the midst of that, I feel new and find learning
    by meeting various people.
    And I don't even know myself
    what I would be interested in and be into.
    I'm feeling that there's so much I can do in life.


    What is your favorite fashion style?

    My favorite brand is VINCE. It's a neat and stylish brand
    that I can find. I've never thought about other brands.
    It's a bit luxurious and comfortable,
    but it's the best brand to express myself.
    I am so affectionate that I want to be the ambassador for the VINCE,
    I'm wearing this with full of satisfaction.


    What is the motto that you always keep in your mind?

    Always to live with thanks.
    It's one of my favorite words, but I always think about it.
    There are so many different people visiting here.
    Sometimes I have a hard time running the business alone,
    but I always feel grateful, so I can quickly change mymind
    and look back at myself.
    Rather than getting angry, you should think calmly and
    try to control your mind, then you will get better result in everywhere.


    What do you feel like about Acmeci?

    To be honest with you, it's a real hit.
    I mean, look at the material and the fit,
    I'm sure that even the fashion lovers would believe
    it's just a generic luxury jacket.
    And most of all, I really like the lining.
    Because it has space to put a mobile phone touch pocket
    and space for stethoscope, it seems that it is trying hard to pay attention
    to details for its function.
    It's like a really well-made suit
    for a professional worker who is important to be shown to people.

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