Dr. junho Lee - acmeci
Dr. junho Lee

Try to keep a balance between work and relaxation.

Dentist  |  Joon Ho Lee

Why I became a dentist.



At the very first moment, what I worried about was “what could I do to live well?”

and I wasn’t interested in being a doctor. Later I decided to major in biotechnology,

a field I have been interested in, 

and the I got the opportunity to accomplish internship 

in MD Anderson (the world’s 1st medical center of cancer).

Where I was very impressed by how the doctors where running from side to side,

so I felt it was so cool that how a human being could save people’s lives.

And then, I wanted to dedicate in thoracic, where you have to be an ambidextrous,

so I, being a right handed, practiced writing and eating with my left hand,

then finally I became ambidextrous after all those efforts.

But there weren’t many things I could do in USA as a foreigner.

Dentist was the only way I could choose as a foreigner, 

so after having a conversation with a professor I decided to be a dentist,

after all it turned out that I was interested in this area 

since I usually have been dexterous, and this keeps until now.




I really love drawing and appreciating pictures,

and sports like bike riding and speed skating.

Recently I am into scuba diving to the point of doing 1 night 3 days trip for it so casually.

Another thing I love is traveling, when I travel, I like to feel like I’m one of the local people.

I never use roaming service because I like to feel as if I was one of the people there.

Best Place to travel

I strongly recommend to visit Venice once in your life.

I had been there once as a child, that’s when I found my self emotionally fit

into the place in Venice plaza. It was a totally refreshing and new experience

for me to see people taking coffee and wine in the cafeterias in plaza.

20 years from then, in 2017, that it’s last year, I visited there once again and

I was so peaceful and happy to be there.

Daly fashion style, except doctors’ coat

I can tell you this in a word, “Simple”. 

Like shirt and pants, I prefer something as neat and 

as simple as a cotton pants and T-shirts, very casual style.

Favorite cologne

Although I hardly wear cologne, because of my job, 

it depends on my mood. I tend to wear a quiet and soft scent, 

but I would rather try to keep the clinic not to smell like dentist for (to my) patients. 

When I go out I frecuently wear quiet scent like Le Labo, Diptyque, and Jo Marlone.

What do you think of Acmeci?

First, it is very comfortable. 

Not like a normal scrub top that limits your movement, 

it’s very elastic so it makes you feel free to move. 

The best thing it’s its fabric. You can notice its high-quality 

wear only by looking and touching it. Usually, 

a clothing that looks good does feels good, and this feels like a high-quality fabric.

Lastly, you couldn’t find its design in any other place of the world. 

I think this kind of medical wear should’ve existed since a long time ago.

I’m sure that Acmeci will succeed.

For other people working in the same field as you

The beauty is important for people, that style that a patient wan, 

and how much they want, is what we should explain to them in detail. 

Also, we should think first taking their place.

In esthetics the patient is almost always right. 

(in esthetic the patient is usually always right, 

so we should listen well to what they say, because beauty is subjective).

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