Dr. jong min Lee - acmeci
Dr. jong min Lee

I believe in myself

Physiatrist | Jong Min Lee

Unique hobby in life?

Like many other people, I like liquor my own way. 

It’s so exciting for me to study and to have experience on whisky. 

There is a wide variety of whisky, 

and what I like is to taste and feel the liquor and then after learn 

about their story and kinds.

So, what I dream is in the future go to Isle of Islay in England 

and taste their whisky.

Any Leisure Activity you can share?

Recently I invest much time in exercise like fitness and Pilates, 

you may see in the pictures, when I’m into something, 

I achieve it like I decide. I’m registered in Pilates association.

Any motto for your life?

“Get your goal clear and never doubt yourself”

Trying something hard is literally hard, 

but is more difficult to keep doing things constantly. 

I tend to look back to my self as a child, to the moment 

when everything was hard and tough, 

and that was my motive to think so much about my future.

I surely get what I want, no matter what is in front, 

that’s how I feel confident to my self now, enjoying life. 

Be confident and believe in yourself.

What Fashion do you like?

I prefer a neat French-chic style brand, like Acne? That’s what fits me the best.

Why did you become a doctor?

I never thought of going to medical school at the first moment. 

All of a sudden, when I was working, 

I thought that I wanted to dedicate myself to something meaningful

that interests me enough. 

So, I determined myself and came to study in medical school. 

Many time and effort has been required to make it happen, 

but all you really need is to have a clear goal, 

being confident and trying it, likewise I have told a few seconds later.

Now I feel honorable to be in charge of rehabilitation medicine part, 

then I love my life and my self more than I did before.

How do you look at a doctor’s appearance?

A doctor is someone who appears as a dream for another 

or maybe for someone who needs help, it has many appearances. 

I mean, there are a large variety of character, even in doctors, 

like someone self-expressive or a modesty one, but personally 

I try to be a meaningful one and to keep that in mind because it has been my dream. 

“doing my best without losing the value.”

What did you feel when you saw Acmeci?

It is much more gorgeous and prettier than it appears in pictures, specially 

it is from a perfect material for doctors that tend to work inside. 

The most outstanding thing is its design, is it really medical wear? 

I mean, it will not be awkward to go for a meeting or to a cafeteria; 

this is how the design looks. It’s even comfortable.

This is a promising brand in the medical wear market, surely.

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